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”“”³ Special Gift Pack

Original Price”GRM$100.00
Present Price”GRM$100.00
”“”³ Description

Oolong tea combinations Oriental Beauty Tea,is the number 1 choice of Japanese tourist. The Oolong tea is a light fermented tea, produced after of misty Lugu Dong Ding mountain is famous due to climate,geological special wish,at constant temperature by the company''''''''''''''''s most modern and humidity from refining equipment. And Oriental Beauty Pekoe Oolong Tea is the pick of the most delicate, and is refined leaf hopper light chelation had two leaves as one part,with unique aroma of honey.

Content: Oolong tea X 150gm; Oriental Beauty: 100gm
Ming Zang Gin Shang Gift Pack
Original Price”GRM$180
Present Price”GRM$180
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